E-Commerce Use of automated trade in operation ventures changed the way in which customers are finished throughout the world. Various groups have turned to using computerized trade to allow them stay before competition. To enable these associations to succeed, they not only beware of contest, along with be prospect-focused, tough and adjustable to scientific changes across the world . These breakthroughs when it comes to conducting business have enabled retail store suppliers to obtain and sell products and solutions over the internet. This system offers advantage for the online business,... Read The Rest →

Google Turned a Domain Blunder into a Cute Joke?

Back in October, Sanmay Ved was browsing Google Domains when one domain caught his eye – google.com. He bought it and ended up owning what may be the most iconic domain name in the world for a grand total of one minute. Google cancelled the transaction and gave him $6,006.13, which I guess is ‘Google’ spelled with numbers? Cute, but looks more like ‘Booble’ to me. It’s unclear why google.com was even listed as available, but this blunder beckons the old adage – always set your domains to automatically renew! Countless... Read The Rest →

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