Not Your Typical Domain Name Negotiation: True Stories

An aftermarket domain name purchase is generally pretty straightforward. You find out who the owner is and if it’s for sale, initiate negotiations, and either you agree on a price or you don’t. Right? Well, usually. While most domain name negotiations follow that pattern, human nature can be decidedly unpredictable. Here are a few domain negotiations that got a little crazier, due to the quirks of the domain name seller—or buyer. (We’ve omitted names to protect the guilty.) Case #1: Too Sneaky By Half A domain-name-buying service was hired by... Read The Rest →


Talk about expensive alphabet soup: the two-letter domain name was resold this week by two domain name brokers for $2.7 million. Yikes. This made it the second-highest domain name sale so far in 2013, according to DN Journal, outperformed only by another two-letter .com,, which was sold by to the financial firm IG Group in September for a cool $4.7 million. So are two-letter dot-coms the hottest property on the domain name aftermarket? At least this autumn they are.

For how long should you register a domain name?

You face a confusing conundrum whether you are managing a huge portfolio of domain names or just registering one vanity domain to showcase pics of your cat. How long of a registration period should you choose? Should you register a new domain or renew an existing domain for the minimum of one year or go up to 10 years? Or opt for something in-between? The Importance of Domain Management The most important factor in making this decision relates to domain management. If you have a domain you intend to keep... Read The Rest →

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