World Record Domains

  Without any ado, here it is, the longest domain name in the world: As the URL implies, this domain was created purposefully to be the longest domain name ever.  Unfortunately for the registrant, however, it is not acknowledged by Guinness as a world record, though not for lack of trying! If you click through the link, they explain how Guinness rejected their application on the grounds that this particular world record was pointless because it is too easily broken—all it would take is someone else registering a domain... Read The Rest →


Not often. It may not seem fair, but the registrant of a domain name can keep it until hell freezes over—or they forget to renew their registration by the expiration date—unless you can prove three things: • the domain name is the same or confusingly similar to a  service mark or trademark you have rights to • the registrant has neither a legitimate interest nor a right to the  domain name • the registrant has registered the name and is using it “in bad faith” What’s evidence of bad faith?... Read The Rest →

Are Shorter Domains Always Better?

When searching for a good domain for your business, shorter is generally better.  Shorter domains are more memorable, there’s less room for error when customers mention your site in conversation, and the URL is easier to type in to a browser. But if you peruse domain vendors across the web, you’ll notice there are plenty of longer domains priced higher than shorter domains.  Though evaluating a domain on brevity alone is easy (and objective), there are other subjective considerations that contribute to a domain’s worth. First of all, brandability—the potential for a name to carry strong,... Read The Rest →

A Brief History of the Domain Name

The folks over at Mashable have put together a nice timeline of important events in domain name history, from the first .com domain to the Truth in Domain Names Act of 2003 to the present day new gTLDs.  Check it out!  

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