.App: Going Once, Twice, Sold for 25 Million!

When and where Google dollops out serious dough is more than just a spectacle to gawk at or talk about; it is also a great indicator of the future of the technological landscape. That being said, Google just bought exclusive rights to the “.app” domain for a walloping 25 million scallops—by far the biggest amount spent on an auctioned gTLD thus far.

It’s no secret that mobile usage is growing, and .app will be a useful tool for Google, however they employ it. Likely, Google intends to sell users domain names at the .app extension, alleviating some strain on the fit to burst .com gTLD and making sure that all app-related technology runs through them, some way or another. But only time will tell what they have up their sleeve.

So, should you gallop off to register .app domains, should Google offer them? Well, it’s early, so best to keep your ear to the ground. If you aren’t primarily an app-based venture, of course you needn’t worry about it at all. And if you are creating an app, you will never go wrong with a .com domain—that’s what consumers are used to, that’s what is respectable, prestigious, and comfortable for mobile users and internet users of all ages. At the end of the day, .app is just one of 1000 new gTLDs flooding the market, and .com unmistakably reigns supreme.

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