Are Shorter Domains Always Better?

When searching for a good domain for your business, shorter is generally better.  Shorter domains are more memorable, there’s less room for error when customers mention your site in conversation, and the URL is easier to type in to a browser. But if you peruse domain vendors across the web, you’ll notice there are plenty of longer domains priced higher than shorter domains.  Though evaluating a domain on brevity alone is easy (and objective), there are other subjective considerations that contribute to a domain’s worth.

First of all, brandability—the potential for a name to carry strong, positive associations and be the face of a brand—greatly affects a domain’s value. For example, is a brandable domain because it has an active, fun tonality and good graphic possibilities with all the dotted letters.  Same with, a pun containing the evocative word “roam” and the friendly word part “mio” which hints at personalization or customization.

Another factor that might favor a longer domain over a shorter one is familiarity—a domain is easier for customers to remember if it contains common words or recognizable word-parts.  For example, and sound very familiar and therefore are generally more desirable as domain names than those that are less familiar and therefore harder to remember.

Lastly, linguistic favorability—having an intuitive pronunciation and spelling—is a factor that contributes to a domain’s worth.  This is why straightforward coinings like and real words like are priced relatively high.

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