Domain Name Hall of Shame: 15 Domain Name Bloopers

Because domain names don’t have spacing between words or capitalization to cue readers in, it’s extremely important when picking a domain name to consider all possible ways your domain name might be read by someone not familiar with your business. Here are some domain names whose owners clearly didn’t think it through, with unintentionally hilarious or off-putting results: A site for a pen company. (“We Specialize in Wood.”) Site for disposal of IT assets. (“Where IT is going.”) An arborist business (“Les Bocages” is French for “the groves.”)

amigonefuneralhome: Yes, you’re really gone What was this fish bait & tackle company thinking?

choosespain: The idea was to choose Spain, not pain

ferrethandjobs: Eek. For PA firm Ferreth & Jobs Not the most enticing address for a Norwegian cabin park “A database of talent representatives”—but not that kind of talent Meant to communicate Speed of Art, not smelly swimwear Site of POWERGEN Italia Teachers Talk has wisely  put its old domain name up for sale Website for Ben Dover, whose tagline is “Good advice is timeless!” Meant to be a site about betting odds, now redirected to Tagine: “The ultimate recycle.”

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