About Our Pricing

Just The Word valuates and prices its domain names based on four key factors:


> Length

> Brandability

> Familiarity

> Linguistic Favorability


Since all our domains are .coms, no premium is assigned to this designation.



Shorter is generally better when it comes to domain names. Web users prefer typing shorter domains into their browsers, and these names are frequently catchier and more memorable. Just The Word generally assigns a higher pricetag to names with 6 letters or less, though longer domains can also be valuable, especially in the case of descriptive terms or common expressions. For example, WeightAdvantage and AmazingDishes are longer but still understandable and digestible.


Brandability is probably the most subjective factor in our valuation process — but arguably the most important. Simply put, it assesses the ability of a domain name to function well as a brand, capable of conveying distinct, positive associations to potential customers. Often highly visualizable, these names must also be especially appealing as company or product names. Just The Word’s domains — including names like Asensia, MotherNaturals, and Vantaj— are uniquely brandable.


Almost by definition, familiar names are more memorable (at least, until marketing dollars come into play). Consequently, real words and expressions like SpecialSkill, HintofSun, and SalesFleet score well along this dimension. The scarcity of these names, coupled with their ability to drive Internet traffic, adds to their value. The use of word play and rhyme in a name can create a sense of familiarity, as evidenced by domains like InstantMeplay, WisePrise, and ZoomLends.

Linguistic Favorability

Linguistic Favorability is itself measured by several factors. Is the name intuitively spelled? Axiom fares better in this regard than Acxiom. Is the name melodic or rhythmic, with the stress syllable falling in the logical place? And finally, is the name easily pronounced by the target market? Names incorporating a consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel structure (e.g., Coca-Cola) are the easiest to pronounce worldwide.

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