Lessons from #Domaingate: Register All Permutations of Your Domain Name

Register Brandable Domain Names

Carly Fiorina

As election season approaches, we are preparing ourselves for the barrage of campaigning – both positive and negative. But one mudslinging tactic has come to the forefront: domain registration. Yesterday, reporters began to notice that HillaryClinton.net now redirects to CarlyForPresident.com. While many assumed that this was a move made by the Fiorina campaign, a spokeswoman denied that the campaign was behind the redirect. Read more here.

Whether or not the Fiornia team was behind the redirect, it’s understandable that she’d be resentful. CarlyFiorina.org, instead of redirecting to her main website, pictures 30,000 emoticon frowny faces that represent the people she laid off while she was the CEO at HP. Collectively, these domain wars have been dubbed nothing other than #Domaingate.

But what does this have to do with non-political domains? Well, this is just another reminder of a classic domain axiom: always register every permutation of your domain in every relevant gTLD. Are you going to call yourself UrbanGlam and do business on UrbanGlam.com? Well make sure that you register the .net, .org, .biz, as well as UrbanGlamour, UrbanGlamor, GlamUrban, etc. Redirecting these domains to your homepage not only allows customers to find you more easily, but also significantly limits the chance of you becoming the victim of your very own #Domaingate.

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