Startup Domain Names

If you’re a startup and looking for distinctive domain names for your new business you’ve come to the right place. Unlike most other brandable domain name sellers on the internet, Just The Word focuses on quality domains. Just The Word is a division of Catchword, a leader in brand name development for clients including McDonald’s, Cisco, Blackberry, Sony, and Gap. Over the years, Catchword’s work has resulted in the creation of hundreds of thousands of name candidates. The best available domains that have arisen out of this work are offered for sale here.

Identifying and purchasing the right domain name for your business is very straight forward:

  • Identify the name you’re interested in
  • Contact us with your request
  • Wait for a representative to get back to you (we promise it won’t take long!)
  • Follow our instructions on how to purchase the domain (it’s really simple)
  • Wait for us to transfer the domain to you



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