.sucks sucks, .com rules

Before the rollout of the gTLDs, businesses were really only concerned about owning the domain names that allowed them to promote themselves. Target owns Target.com, Hillary Clinton owns HillaryClinton.com. But now, the crafty domain prospectors over at Vox Populi would like you to believe that the era of positivity has changed. With the rollout of the .sucks domain, all sorts of organizations are clamoring to register their name.sucks before someone who hates them does. And to make it an even bigger headache, Vox Populi is charging businesses an annual fee of $2,500 to... Read The Rest →

Walmart.horse Sent Back to the Livery

Did you know that there is now a .horse gTLD? Neither did we! But this was exciting news for equine enthusiasts as well as people who just thought that horses were pretty goofy. Horse! I dare you to keep a straight face after yelling it in a funny accent. Jeph Jacques, comic artist and horseplayer, thought that the .horse gTLD was so funny that he decided to register Walmart.horse and put up a picture of a horse in front of a Walmart. Why he targeted Walmart isn’t totally clear, but needless to... Read The Rest →

Domain Name Hall of Shame: 15 Domain Name Bloopers

Because domain names don’t have spacing between words or capitalization to cue readers in, it’s extremely important when picking a domain name to consider all possible ways your domain name might be read by someone not familiar with your business. Here are some domain names whose owners clearly didn’t think it through, with unintentionally hilarious or off-putting results: penisland.net: A site for a pen company. (“We Specialize in Wood.”) itscrap.com: Site for disposal of IT assets. (“Where IT is going.”) lesbocages.com: An arborist business (“Les Bocages” is French for “the... Read The Rest →

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