.sucks sucks, .com rules

Before the rollout of the gTLDs, businesses were really only concerned about owning the domain names that allowed them to promote themselves. Target owns Target.com, Hillary Clinton owns HillaryClinton.com. But now, the crafty domain prospectors over at Vox Populi would like you to believe that the era of positivity has changed. With the rollout of the .sucks domain, all sorts of organizations are clamoring to register their name.sucks before someone who hates them does. And to make it an even bigger headache, Vox Populi is charging businesses an annual fee of $2,500 to... Read The Rest →

Walmart.horse Sent Back to the Livery

Did you know that there is now a .horse gTLD? Neither did we! But this was exciting news for equine enthusiasts as well as people who just thought that horses were pretty goofy. Horse! I dare you to keep a straight face after yelling it in a funny accent. Jeph Jacques, comic artist and horseplayer, thought that the .horse gTLD was so funny that he decided to register Walmart.horse and put up a picture of a horse in front of a Walmart. Why he targeted Walmart isn’t totally clear, but needless to... Read The Rest →

Lessons from #Domaingate: Register All Permutations of Your Domain Name

As election season approaches, we are preparing ourselves for the barrage of campaigning – both positive and negative. But one mudslinging tactic has come to the forefront: domain registration. Yesterday, reporters began to notice that HillaryClinton.net now redirects to CarlyForPresident.com. While many assumed that this was a move made by the Fiorina campaign, a spokeswoman denied that the campaign was behind the redirect. Read more here. Whether or not the Fiornia team was behind the redirect, it’s understandable that she’d be resentful. CarlyFiorina.org, instead of redirecting to her main website, pictures... Read The Rest →

Sneaky and Sneakier: An Introduction to Cybersquatting and Reverse-Cybersquatting

According to Wikipedia, cybersquatting is “registering, trafficking in, or using a domain name with bad faith intent to profit from the goodwill of a trademark belonging to someone else.”  This practice is not only greedy—it’s illegal.  For example, if you notice that ColdplayMusicSale.com is available, you can’t register it and then start buying their albums in bulk and then selling them for a profit out of your garage.   You also can’t register that domain and then post libelous material in an effort to get Chris Martin to buy the website... Read The Rest →

Owner Information: Domain Hijacking!

You may think that once you register a domain name, it’s yours, end of story. But like other kinds of valuable property, a domain name can be stolen, or “hijacked.” Here is the lowdown on domain hijacking, and how owners can help keep their domains secure. Put simply, domain name hijackers rely on identity theft to wrest control of valuable domain names away from their owners by convincing the registrar that they own the domain and want to change the password and access privileges.  They attempt this by hacking into... Read The Rest →

For how long should you register a domain name?

You face a confusing conundrum whether you are managing a huge portfolio of domain names or just registering one vanity domain to showcase pics of your cat. How long of a registration period should you choose? Should you register a new domain or renew an existing domain for the minimum of one year or go up to 10 years? Or opt for something in-between? The Importance of Domain Management The most important factor in making this decision relates to domain management. If you have a domain you intend to keep... Read The Rest →

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