Talk about expensive alphabet soup: the two-letter domain name was resold this week by two domain name brokers for $2.7 million. Yikes. This made it the second-highest domain name sale so far in 2013, according to DN Journal, outperformed only by another two-letter .com,, which was sold by to the financial firm IG Group in September for a cool $4.7 million. So are two-letter dot-coms the hottest property on the domain name aftermarket? At least this autumn they are.

You really do need the dot com domain name

When someone falls in love with a name, and finds out that the .com isn’t available, inevitably the question arises: Do I really need the .com domain name? Can I get away with a .biz or .net or other address? Acquiring a .com domain can be very expensive, of course, so another alternative would save not only the money but the hassle of negotiating a sale. Unfortunately, the .com matters. It matters a lot. If the .com isn’t available, or if it’s only available at a price above your budget,... Read The Rest →

You love your new name but can’t have the domain. Now what?

When naming your company, you may come up with a great name but find that the .com domain is not for sale or beyond your budget. Don’t worry. That doesn’t mean you have to settle for the .net or .biz or a less appealing name. While owning the exact .com domain name is certainly preferred, it isn’t always necessary. You just have to modify or append the name for use as a domain.  Remember: most people will be finding your site through a web search, not by entering your URL.... Read The Rest →

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