Sent Back to the Livery

Did you know that there is now a .horse gTLD? Neither did we! But this was exciting news for equine enthusiasts as well as people who just thought that horses were pretty goofy. Horse! I dare you to keep a straight face after yelling it in a funny accent. Jeph Jacques, comic artist and horseplayer, thought that the .horse gTLD was so funny that he decided to register and put up a picture of a horse in front of a Walmart. Why he targeted Walmart isn’t totally clear, but needless to... Read The Rest →

Lessons from #Domaingate: Register All Permutations of Your Domain Name

As election season approaches, we are preparing ourselves for the barrage of campaigning – both positive and negative. But one mudslinging tactic has come to the forefront: domain registration. Yesterday, reporters began to notice that now redirects to While many assumed that this was a move made by the Fiorina campaign, a spokeswoman denied that the campaign was behind the redirect. Read more here. Whether or not the Fiornia team was behind the redirect, it’s understandable that she’d be resentful., instead of redirecting to her main website, pictures... Read The Rest →

The Numbers Game: Just How Dominant Are .COM Domains?

We all know that .COM domains are the most prevalent, but ever wonder how other TLDs (top-level domains) stack up against them, numbers-wise? Well, according to Whois, as of 10/28/13 there were 111,352,755 .COM domains compared to 15,207,765 .NET domains—or over seven times as many .COM as .NET domains. When it comes to .ORG domains, the number’s even lower: 10,394,319 domains. And the total number of domains for .INFO, .BIZ and .US extensions combined was less than 11,000,000. Bottom line: as a TLD, .COM continues to reign supreme—by a huge... Read The Rest →

The First New TLDs Are Launching!

It’s official. The first four TLDs to go live since ICANN flung the door wide open to new TLD applicants in 2011 were just announced, and they’re…well, probably not what you’d expect. The four TLDs are: شبكة (Arabic for “web” or “network”) онлайн (Cyrillic for “online”) сайт (Cyrillic for “site”) 游戏 (Chinese for “game(s)”) In fact, these lucky four are actually IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) TLDs. And Arabic, Cyrillic and Chinese are just some of the non-Latin scripts (including Greek and Hindi) that will be accommodated in this new wave of... Read The Rest →

You really do need the dot com domain name

When someone falls in love with a name, and finds out that the .com isn’t available, inevitably the question arises: Do I really need the .com domain name? Can I get away with a .biz or .net or other address? Acquiring a .com domain can be very expensive, of course, so another alternative would save not only the money but the hassle of negotiating a sale. Unfortunately, the .com matters. It matters a lot. If the .com isn’t available, or if it’s only available at a price above your budget,... Read The Rest →


Today the suffix dot-com seems the most obvious and natural one in the world for business domains, and is attached to roughly 100 million websites. But it was not always thus. Check out this interesting article about how the most ubiquitous suffix on the Internet was almost dot-cor.

History of Domain TLDs

Welcome to Just The Word! As this is our first blog entry, let’s take a moment to review the relatively short history of domain names — specifically top-level domains (the part after the dot), and where things stand today. Six generic top-level domains (TLDs) made their debut in January 1985: .com – for commercial entities .net – for internet service providers .org – for non-profit organizations .edu – for educational institutions .gov – for US government entities .mil – for the US military As time passed, good domain names became... Read The Rest →

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