The First New TLDs Are Launching!

It’s official. The first four TLDs to go live since ICANN flung the door wide open to new TLD applicants in 2011 were just announced, and they’re…well, probably not what you’d expect.

The four TLDs are:

شبكة (Arabic for “web” or “network”)

онлайн (Cyrillic for “online”)

сайт (Cyrillic for “site”)

游戏 (Chinese for “game(s)”)

In fact, these lucky four are actually IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) TLDs. And Arabic, Cyrillic and Chinese are just some of the non-Latin scripts (including Greek and Hindi) that will be accommodated in this new wave of TLDs, allowing many new applicants to register TLDs in their native languages for the first time.

Meanwhile, over 1800 other applications for TLDs are somewhere along ICANN’s nine-step process.

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