Sent Back to the Livery


Did you know that there is now a .horse gTLD? Neither did we! But this was exciting news for equine enthusiasts as well as people who just thought that horses were pretty goofy. Horse! I dare you to keep a straight face after yelling it in a funny accent.

Jeph Jacques, comic artist and horseplayer, thought that the .horse gTLD was so funny that he decided to register and put up a picture of a horse in front of a Walmart. Why he targeted Walmart isn’t totally clear, but needless to say, they didn’t think it was funny. After receiving a cease and desist letter, Jacques pleaded that they could send him pictures of other barnyard animals posing in their parking lots. Walmart was not only uninterested, they were downright hoof-hearted.

The moral of this story? Horses are funny to everyone as long as the don’t infringe on a large corporation’s trademark.

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